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Proud Momma

November 20, 2009

I’m not sure about where you live, but here in coastal North Carolina, last week was report card time for public schools.  I now have 3 kids in school, so this was a new experience for me….expecting and wondering about 3 kids report cards.

My oldest has always been a great student.  He comes home every day and wants to get right on his homework.  He gets frustrated easily if he doesn’t understand something right away.  I have been able to help him, so far, with things he’s had trouble with….we’ll see how much longer I’ll be able to help him.

My daughter is a good student.  She tends to expect she knows something, and therefore, doesn’t put forth a whole lot of effort.  Her handwriting is sloppy, which I believe is hereditary, mine was is awful as well.  In the afternoon, I have to remind her of her homework….but I do spin it in an inticing way.  Mondays, she brings home all of her homework for the whole week.  I encourage her by saying, “Well, you know, if you do 1 or 2 more pages today, that means you won’t have as much work the rest of the week.”  That spurs her on and she usually ends up doing all of her homework for the week by Tuesday.

My youngest, bless his heart, is so much like his daddy.  Now, I fell in love with his daddy and I still love his daddy very much.  But his daddy has said from stage, for the whole world to know, that he was not the best student.  Now, my youngest has shown the most similarities to my husband as far as personality and other traits.  He is a people person like his daddy and he would be happy talking to a wall, like……hmmm, anyway.  He has a lot of personality and he gets distracted very easily.  Interested in something, losing interest and moving on to the next thing….unless it’s playing in the dirt outside, then he’s pretty much there all day.  So when it comes to school work – he’s just not interested.  It’s hard to get him to sit down, it’s hard to get him to focus and do quality work.  So of course….report card time I was a little concerned.

Well, here’s the run down.  Riley, he’s in 3rd grade….they now get real grades in 3rd grade, as opposed to the fake grades of S, N, and U.  He got 10 A’s and 1 B…wooo hooo!!!  That’s my boy!!!  Kenly, she’s in 1st grade, got all 3’s, which means she meets grade level expectations….wooo hooo!!!  And….drum roll please……Emery, he’s in Kindergarten….he got all 3’s as well, along with a note from his teacher that says he is doing a great job in all of his subject areas….woooo hooooo!!!!  I was super excited!!!!

The same week as report cards, each class hands out awards for perfect attendence, meeting personal goals, being outstanding students, etc.  Here are a few pics of my kids and their awards:


Emery got an award for being an Outstanding Student!!!



Kenly got an award for perfect attendence!!!


Riley got 4 awards….Perfect Attendence, AB honor roll, Student Success Award and Certificate of Achievement!!!


So proud of my kids…..can’t you tell!!

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  1. Gina Benton permalink
    November 20, 2009 5:28 pm

    Nice Blog, Michelle…esp. the recipes! Looking forward to trying some out. As for the children….you sound like a proud mama! Congrats to the kids for a job well done!

  2. karen permalink
    November 23, 2009 7:00 am

    AWESOME GRADES, AWESOME GRANDKIDS! love your blog, michelle! going to try some recipes!

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