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Change…My Church

February 6, 2010

***THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO POST LAST WEEK…I DIDN’T REALIZE IT DIDN’T UNTIL NOW :-(**** Sunday was an incredible day – do I say that every week??  Well I mean it every week.  I never get tired of seeing God work every week through the serving of our Dream Team, through the music, through the message and through the conversations and opportunities to pray for people.

This week was a tad bit different…Okay, maybe a lot different.  We rely heavily on the serving of our Dream Team (volunteers) each week to make church at Lifepoint happen.  It takes 140 volunteers each week to do what we do.  Well, this Sunday we gave our volunteers the day off.  We wanted them to feel honored and appreciated AND show those who are not a part of the Dream Team what it would look like if no one served.  It was called No-Show Sunday.  Here’s a snippet from Jeff’s blog to show what we went without:

  • We replaced our normal banner with a hand made banner that read, “Lifepoint Church is meeting today.”
  • There were no dreamteam members in the parking lot today.  We also saw that our people really can’t park by themselves.
  • No Greeters—Our lobby was eerily quite and awkward.
  • No music playing throughout the campus.
  • No First Time Guest area.
  • No Next Steps area.
  • No Ushers
  • No Pipe and Drape
  • No blacking out the Skylight
  • No lights
  • No projectors
  • All scripture and lyrics were printed on a plain white sheet of paper.
  • No band-Just Drew and his guitar
  • By far the biggest change was that we didn’t have volunteers to help us put out chairs so we sat people at the cafeteria tables.
  • One area that did not receive the day off was our kidzone department.  We didn’t feel that kids would understand what we were trying to communicate.

Here are a few pictures from the day

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