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Lifepoint’s 4th Birthday Celebration

February 10, 2010

What an amazing day this past Sunday was.  Feburary 7th was the 4 year celebration for Lifepoint Church.  We rented out Kenan Hall on the campus of UNCW.  It seats 1,000 and we gave out 1,200 tickets.  There were super strick about having only 1,000 people.  This is what it looked like when I got there….everyone working together to make things happen.   This is the stage being set up:

The kids had an exciting opportunity to help lead our church in worship.  1 out of my 3 kids had a great time being in front of 1,000 people singing and dancing his heart out….the other 2…not so much.  But I was proud of them for getting on stage.  Here’s a picture of kids singing:

This is only 1/2 of the group.  You can’t see Kenly because she is behind Emery….hiding :-).  Riley was in the group on the other side of the stage.  They helped lead for 2 songs….Rise and Sing and All Because of Jesus.  The band rocked out a few more songs….they had about 20 minutes for run-through but it sounded absolutely amazing!!  Then there was a time of baptism.  Jeff did half and Daryl baptized half.  It was amazing….32 people made a public statement to the world that they have accepted Jesus and are living for Him.  It was great to see people stepping up….here’s a picture:

Jeff got up to speak, he spoke a powerful message about David and Goliath.   One quick thing about this Celebration…it was a family friendly environment…which means there was no KidZone….which means I had all 3 of my kids in the service with me….which means I may or may not have been able to pay full attention to the message…which means I may or may not have all the notes….but here it goes anyway 😀

1 Samuel 16 – Samuel requests Jesse bring his sons for Samuel to choose the next king.  He supposed it would be the oldest based on his appreance….but God states in verse 7,

“Don’t judge by his appearance or height, for I have rejected him. The Lord doesn’t see things the way you see them. People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

Samuel asked if there was another son.  David was out watching the sheep….he wasn’t even invited….his family didn’t believe in him…he was the underdog – YET – David was faithfully serving where he had been put while he was waiting on God’s call. David was annointed king, but he wasn’t crowned king for a while….yet he faithfully served the king/authority God had placed on his life.

David went to meet his brothers at the battle site and deliver cheese.  He notices Goliath taunting the Israelite army.  The Israelites are fearful of Goliath.  The Israelites and David both see the same giant….the Israelites saw him as an obstacle….David saw him as an opportunity.  The odds were stacked against David.  David states he wants to fight.  Saul says in 1 Samuel 17:33 that he was too young and unexperienced.  David was acting on a call from God…yet the older/wiser were trying to talk him out of it.  v. 34, David persists through the odds and shows confidence.  Confidence is – look what God will do…look at God.  Cockiness is – look at me….look at what I’m going to do.  David’s confidence is based on what he’s seen God already do.

The message shifts to Elijah in 1 Kings 18….Elijah is going up against the prophets of baal.  Elijah has confidence in his God….and God shows His mighty power and burns down Elijah’s soaked altar.

Hebrews 13:8 says,

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Our God is still just as powerful today as He was for David and Elijah.  Our God is always ON and always STRONG.

****This is where my notes end****

But Jeff goes on to state that all of our victories over the past 4 years of Lifepoint has been through the power of our God.  God moved in mine and Jeff’s heart to move here…God provided $$ and equipment and an executive pastor….God brought the hurting people…God continued to provide….God continues to provide….He is all powerful and He is continuing His work through Lifepoint Church to continue to reach Wilmington for Jesus.  So you’ll just have to listen to the message to know exactly what Jeff said the last 10-15 minutes or so….this is when my kids started “falling” out of their seats, stretching, turning around, needing to go to the bathroom….you know.  I have heard so many people say….and I say with all my heart – THANK YOU JESUS for KidZone!!!

It’s safe to say – these past 4 years have been amazing…God has done so much and I’m so looking forward to seeing what He has in store for the next 4 years.  This year has already started off with a bang!

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  1. February 10, 2010 12:20 pm

    Thank you for sharing! As a church planters wife I definitely needed to hear that today!!

  2. February 10, 2010 3:15 pm

    happy birthday, lifepoint! so excited for you and jeff and the ministry going on in wilmington!

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