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Cheap Date Night Ideas

February 22, 2010

I appreciate the shout out yesterday from the stage and finding out yesterday with all of you that I would be doing a blog on cheap date ideas.  I really do enjoy finding ways to save money, and though “going on a cheap date” sounds cheap, it’s so worth the time alone and the chance to go out anyway, even though it’s coming down to the end of the month and money is tight.

Now – I will say that Jeff and I are a bit different than most couples in that we share most everything when we go out…for a few reasons.  I’m sure we are not the only ones who have noticed America’s waistlines expanding – I give partial credit to restaurants who have seemingly upped the average person’s portion size.  What in the world?  Are we really supposed to eat bread that comes before the meal, the salad that comes with the meal, the meal itself AND the 3 sides that come with the meal…. REALLY??  Some places Jeff and I can share a meal…end up full AND have leftovers to take home for lunch the next day.  Or in some cases, we finish the meal, but we’re not so stuffed that we’re miserable, and we might actually have saved some room for dessert later.  So that is reason #1.  #2 is by sharing a meal we save money…easy as that….it’s cheap!  I also should tell you that we ALWAYS DRINK WATER – cokes or alcohol drive up costs significantly.  So, here are a few of the places we go, or the things we do towards the end of the month when $$ is getting tight.

INDOCHINEThis is the best Thai/Vietnamese restaurant I have ever been to.  It can be pricey, but like I said before, Jeff and I share.  There typically is a sharing charge…but some servers have either “forgotten” to charge it, or just waive it….just ask before ordering.  Another option – they will “waive” the sharing charge if you order an appetizer.  We always order the Pad Thai w/ Beef – ALWAYS 🙂  With appetizer and tip we usually get out of there for $25 or less.  This is on the high end of cheap for us.

O’CHARLEY’S – This isn’t one of our typical dates, but a friend at church yesterday said O’Charley’s has 1/2 priced appetizers every day after 9pm.  I went to the website to confirm (which I didn’t see anything, call first?) and found for a limited time they have 2 meals for $14.99.  So, here you wouldn’t have to share and you could get out for $20.

ISLAND’S FRESH MEX – We’ve know about this place about a year and we are NEVER disappointed.  They have $1 tacos 5-10pm every day…you do have to purchase a drink.  Fish tacos are $1.99.  We can get out of here for under $8.  Jeff orders, he orders 3 tacos (2 for him, 1 for me) and a drink.  We share the drink….and the tacos come with chips and there’s a salsa bar.  So this is super cheap.  You could go to taco bell, but the quality of the food here is way better than taco bell.

HIBACHI BISTRO – Another favorite cheap place to eat…Japanese minus cooking it in front of you, minus the little show, but all the goodness.  We can also share this meal.  Our go to is the Dark Meat Teriyaki Chicken…or if there’s a little extra $$ we’ll do the steak and shrimp.  We’ll get it to go, rent a movie and have a date night in.

JUST DO DESSERT OR COFFEE OUT – Grab some Bruster’s Ice Cream, or Rita’s…Krispy Kreme, Port City Java, Starbucks…the choices are endless.

Other old faithfuls: pack a picnic and go to the beach or a park, go on a bike ride, go surfing, take a hike at the state park….be creative!

Well, these are a few of the things we do to keep our date nights a priority even though the cash is low.  Make the investment now so you’ll be able to reap the rewards in the years to come.

Feel free to comment with your own cheap date ideas…I love to hear what’s working for you!  Happy Dating!

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  1. February 23, 2010 10:17 pm

    Hey Michelle! These are great ideas! Kelly and I like to hit up Buffalo Wild Wings sometimes on our date nights. You can split a 12 boneless wings and eat for less than ten bucks before tip. Just an idea for you and Pastor Jeff or any other readers…

  2. Janell Johnson permalink
    February 24, 2010 7:44 pm

    This is great Michelle, thank you! You make a good point about soda…it does probably add at least $5 to the meal and water’s better for you anyway. Although, I will respectfully disagree about Islands being better than Taco Bell 🙂 Just kidding…I love some dollar tacos for date nights but TB is great for couch vegging with movies and always Valentine’s Day dinners.

  3. March 7, 2010 6:52 pm

    I’m not dating, but I love food and love good deals on food even more!
    Some other cheap date ides:
    K38 on Oleander do $2.50 fish tacos on Monday and $1 tacos on Wed (beef, chicken, or bean)
    Yo Sake- 1/2 price sushi every night 5-7pm (they’re firecracker shrimp is awesome & only $5 then)
    Circa 1922: $3.00 tapas in the bar area every night from 5-7pm (they have tables in that area so it can be intimate) and Tuesday is $5.00 sushi all day in all the restaurant.
    Circa can be pricey, but the tapa menu usually ranges from $4-6 if you just want a bite. It’s REALLY GOOD though!!!

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