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Legendary Love – Growing Old Together

March 17, 2010

The final week of Legendary Love was so great.  I almost missed it though.  My daughter had the stomach junko that’s going around, but a dear friend risked her health to watch the kids so I could go to Midtown Sunday night.  This week was special because my amazing in-laws shared part of their story on stage with Jeff.

This week came from Song of Solomon 7.  The chapter starts off with Solomon, once again, praising his wife’s body.  This time he starts from her feet and makes his way up.  This shows that he has taken the servant’s position.  Solomon has learned how to serve his wife.  Also the fact that she has sandals on shows that she is trusted.  This chapter shows this couple has moved into a mature relationship.

Jeff’s parents have been married for almost 40 years.  Their story is a wonderful example of the different stages of marriage and how over the years you come to serve and trust.  There have been huge obstacles in the way, which they have overcome with God’s help and have shaped and molded their lives, as well as given them the opportunity to shape and mold others lives.  They are an amazing example to me and Jeff.  I hope you’ll take a bit and listen or watch the message from this past Sunday as they share their journey of Growing Old Together.

On a side note – lately I have been reading The Blessed Marriage by Pastor Robert Morris, who also authored The Blessed Life (dealing with finances).  The sub-title on the book is “Experiencing Heaven on Earth in Your Marriage”.  Wow….who wouldn’t want that??  Here are a few tidbits that I’ve highlighted from the book:

  • In God’s perfect creation, the union between man and woman was to be a safe place for them to fulfill their ultimate purposes by giving themselves completely to the other within the pleasure of absolute intimacy
  • Divorce is always the result of hard-heartedness
  • Marriage is the very image of God
  • Men are often blamed for not stepping up and taking the lead, but women just as often usurp the position of leader within the home creating an order not sanctioned by God
  • God hates divorce because He loves people and divorce hurts people
  • Please understand that when you decide that divorce will be an option for your marriage if your spouse ever… (fill in the blank yourself), you tell satan exactly how to attack your spouse in order to destroy your marriage
  • When you die to self and live for your spouse, you look like Jesus
  • Marriage becomes heaven on earth when we die to ourselves

These are only some of the things I’ve highlighted from the intro and the 1st chapter.  This book is really helping me to see and understand God’s perfect plan for marriage.  I really believe if the things in this book are ingested and applied to our marriages we will truly experience “heaven on earth”.

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