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A New Chapter in My Life

April 12, 2010

So, some of you may know I don’t love or adapt to change real well.  I have been very guarded of my family’s time and tried my best to get our family into a schedule and routine.  That seems to be where I thrive, in routine and schedules.  For this reason, we have seriously limited outside activities such as sports.  Riley played soccer the past two springs.  Only spring because I wanted to ease back into school in the fall easily without any other time/schedule conflicts.

So here we are, spring again.  No soccer this year, soccer was really a stretch for both me and Jeff, neither of us love it, but joyfully endured it in support of Riley….he was pretty good….but we were able to talk him into baseball this year.  Emery didn’t have to be talked into it, he had been asking to play for the past 2 years.  So we took the plunge and signed them both up.  Emery is in t-ball and Riley is in kid-pitch.  And there goes my nice, quiet little schedule.  We went from being home, eating supper and kids in bed by 730, to 5 practices a week, and who knows what this week will look like with games starting…I have embraced the chaos and have adapted amazingly well.

Tonight was opening ceremonies.  All the teams in the club, all kids in their uniforms.  They introduce the teams and call players by name over the speakers.  It’s pretty much a big deal 🙂  Lifepoint Church sponsered 3 teams this year – 2 at Myrtle Grove Optimist and 1 at Winter Park Optimist.  Both my boys are on Lifepoint teams.  Here are a few pictures from the night.

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  1. donna stanley permalink
    April 14, 2010 8:44 am

    Sounds like a replica of my week!!! Heres to loving caring moms! God bless you!

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