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Flood Relief for my Home

May 7, 2010

People often ask me where I’m from – my answer usually consists of 5 states and ending with “I’ve been in North Carolina for the longest”.  Even though North Carolina is my home now, my roots are grown down deep in my home state.  I was born in Franklin, Tennessee…which is southwest of Nashville…I usually just say I’m from Nashville – most people know where that is.

The flooding in Nashville makes my heart sad.  Many have lost their homes, many have lost their lives.  There is tons of devastation.  My family is okay – I talked to my grandmother….she said they were fine, no flooding in their house because their house is on a heel hill.  The pictures bring tears to my eyes.  This is Franklin

This is Nashville:

This is what makes my heart hurt.  Many people didn’t have flood insurance because they weren’t in a flood plain.   Who told these people that?

Being so far away, I feel helpless….but there are very tangible things we all can do to help.  I’m so very thankful my friends Pete and Brandi Wilson at Crosspoint Church.  They have begun a movement of volunteers to literally be the hands and feet of Jesus.  There are teams of people tearing out carpet, hauling off debris, feeding people.  Crosspoint has a flood relief fund set up to help fund repairs, help people start purchasing items that were damaged and whatever else people need.  I encourage you to go here to donate.

If you’d like something in return for donating, go to Nashville Flood Tees to donate and receive a t-shirt.

Pray….as the Crosspoint Team gets to be the hands and feet of Jesus…we can be the heart and mouth of Jesus, crying out on their behalf for peace, comfort and God’s provision for the losses.  Pray for healing, pray for the rebuilding process, pray for the families who lost loved ones.  Visit Crosspoint’s website to get updates, to see what volunteers are doing and pray for everyone involved…pray for opportunities to share the love of Christ and people to come to know Him.

These are some people who need your help…these are some people who could use your prayers.

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  1. May 7, 2010 2:16 pm

    I grew up here for 7 years too! Half my childhood! Most of our friends are ok, but many rebuilding not just their homes but their lives.

  2. May 8, 2010 9:23 pm

    thanks for all your support, encouragement and prayers. it’s been a tough week but a really rewarding week… thanks again, michelle!

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