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God’s Promises.for Jack Countryman & Amy Parker

June 24, 2010

Being a part of Booksneeze allows me to review lots of different kinds of books.  This past time I picked a kids book.

This is a nice, child-sized hardcover book.  Books for kids need to be a bit more durable.  The illustrations are very cute and eye-catching.  When the book came in my daughter claimed it and even got out a marker and put her name in it.  Then she opened it up and started reading.

The table of contents lists over 50 different topics…ranging from God’s Promises When…You are angry, you need help to God Wants you to be beautiful on the inside and using your gifts for God.  Each topic is 2 pages.  Each topic starts off with a little poem, then 3-4 verses about the topic.

This book is great on many different levels.  First, the Bible can be overwhelming for an adult, must less a child.  As much as I want my kids to read the Bible, I don’t expect them to just pick up the Bible and start reading.  I have found my daughter many times in her room, on her bed reading this book.  The chapters are short and not overwhelming.  It is so easy to grab this book in the morning or evening while my daughter is still in bed and read with her and talk about how to apply the topic to her day.  Second, as a mom of 3, sadly I don’t have time on my own to go through the Bible and pick out a few verses on a certain topic and share with my child.  It’s nice to have the work done for you and put together in a nice little package.  So, thank you for this book, what a great way to get God’s Word in my child!

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  1. robreedesq permalink
    June 24, 2010 9:19 am

    Just read this on readomattic (trying out for first time — some wordpress thing)… do you know if there’s a boy version? Thanks! -Rob

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