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Curse the Darkness

July 27, 2010

I came across this blog a couple months ago and think it’s super.  Take a minute to read it.  It’s from Kerri Weems blog:

Hey everyone! I am excited to have a guest blogger to share with you for a few weeks. Margie Houmes is a member of Celebration Church and Sisterhood. This is part four in a six week series. Enjoy! -Kerri xoxo

“Blessed is she who believes” (Luke 1:45) God has sworn!

Scene – The site of the town well in the hill country of Judea. Two women are talking.

Jemimah: “When was the last time you spoke with Elisabeth? I have not seen her for days. She appears to have locked herself away from the rest of the world. Is she in a depression?”

Keziah: “I cannot remember when I saw her last. She could be in a deep depression because of her barenness. We tried to comfort her, but our words seemed to fall on deaf ears. She refused to accept her lowly lot in life. I suppose we intimidated her, but what do you do? The fact remains, Elisabeth is barren!”

Jemimah: “I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. Living in a fantasy world eventually catches up with you. Collapse is unavoidable. She needed to face reality! She really believed that God had promised her a son. She was adamant, so much so that we avoided all topics of motherhood.”

Keziah: “Well, the bottom line is that she and Zacharias are old and well along in years. I don’t take pleasure in saying this, but her life can be summed up with just one word—barren!” (Speaks with complete authority) “It is God’s choice!”

Jemimah: (Speaks excitedly) “I forgot to tell you an interesting tidbit about Zacharias. I heard that he had a strange encounter when he ministered in the burning of incense before the Lord. He was in a state of confusion and unable to speak…something about a heavenly vision.” (She rolls her eyes) “Some think he must have been spooked by an evil spirit, but he just shakes his head and points towards heaven. What do you make of it?”

Keziah: (Sighs heavily) “Well, you know how some people are. They are just so fanatical about their love for God. They believe anything. I love the Lord, but I try to be balanced. You know what I mean? Zacharias and Elisabeth need a reality check.” (Speaks emphatically) “There will be no children. Period!”

Eventually the conversation ends and both women return to their respected homes bearing water jugs.

Go to Kerri Weems blog to finish….I hope you will, it’s great!!

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