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Meet the Parents

September 27, 2010

Hilarious movie…yes I know…but it was also the winner of the comedy category for week #3 of our At the Movies series at Lifepoint.

I was so interested to see what spiritual truth Jeff could pull out of this movie, so I asked….which I normally don’t do.  Tuesday he unloaded the ideas he was thinking about…there were so many, I was thinking “take luck”…but then by Friday it all came together and I was excited to hear it all put together yesterday.  You can listen or watch here.

Jeff started out by talking about our “Circle of Trust”….who or what is in ours and how it doesn’t take long for us to end up with an empty circle.  We’ve tried to trust, only to be let down and now we’ve become suspicious.  Some of us transfer that suspicion to God…we’re not quite sure we can trust Him, maybe by our standards, He’s let us down.

Replace the circle of trust with the “Cyclical Circle of Trust”.  This circle includes Trouble, Trust, Blessing and Testing.  All of us has gone round and round this circle and are at some point right now.  Jeff does a great job of using the Israelites as an example…they were in trouble, they trusted God, went through a time of blessing, then were tested.  How we pass the test shows if we truly trust God or not.

My favorite part was when describing the trouble, Jeff used Exodus 5:17-23 – Moses says, “Lord, why have You brought more trouble on your people.”  God uses trouble in our lives to remove all factors that we may be able to take credit for…SO that it will be UNDENIABLE that God is in charge.  Deuteronomy 8:10-18 talks about being sure to give God credit, when we’re filled up, when we have our nice houses…DO NOT FORGET the Lord your God.

Take a minute and watch the message…it really makes sense and helps to shed light on what we may be going through right now.  Where are you on the cyclical circle of trust?

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