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Weekend Pictures

January 10, 2011

My weekends are pretty busy, so my 365Project pics may come in groups of 3 on Mondays!

Saturday we did Family Game Time again.  This time we played Snorta:

It can be a pretty intense game.  Each person gets a barn & picks an animal.  All the cards are dealt out.  Each player goes around and makes their animal sound….this is important to remember each players SOUND.  Going around the circle, each player flips one of their cards over.  If, at any time, the card you lay down matches a card in front of another player, those two players have to say each others sound, NOT the sound of the animal on the card.  The person who says the other persons sound first, gives their stack of turned over cards to the losing person, & those cards are added to the bottom of his pile.  The object is to get rid of all your cards first.  It’s a fun game, lots of laughs, but is tough for little ones.  This particular game night did NOT end well.  It ended with cheating and crying and we just had to shut it down :-/

Sunday was a great day. Church was amazing – I got to grocery shop in peace- we ate dinner with some great friends!  Kenly got to go to a friend’s house to make dog bones.  Brutus LOVES them!!

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