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Jesus Calling – Book Review

February 8, 2011

This is a kids devotional by Sarah Young.  It starts with January 1 & goes through December 31.  I have gotten so many compliments just on the cover of the book.  It is hardback, but the artwork on the cover is very vintage looking….it has a great design.

I’ve had this book for a while yet I haven’t written a review on it….which I guess is fine seeing as it’s a year long devotional.  I’ve had it maybe 4 months BUT we haven’t read it every day.  When I got it I started reading it each day to my kids.  It’s written very well.  Each day starts with a verse, then a few paragraphs about the topic for the day, then an added set of verses for you to “read on your own”.  It is written from the perspective of God talking to you with phrases like, “I have made this day for you.” and “Trusting Me is a choice you must make every minute”.  When I first started reading this to my kids (9, 8, & 6), I felt like I had to keep reminding them that although I am reading it to them…it is “actually” God saying these things to them.  So I felt that was a little confusing for them.  I started reading it with them again recently, and now I just read it & ask questions to clarify that they understand.  So overall, it’s a great devotional, but may be hard for younger kids to grasp.

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